Road to hero

Per diventare eroi della HERO Südtirol Dolomites

Loacker, pure goodness!

The genuine and tasty Loacker products and their unique flavour are made exclusively with high-quality and natural ingredients. The tasty treats are produced in the heart of the Dolomites. The very same Dolomites where our heroes cycle and where the air and water are fresh and pure.


Since 1925, Loacker has been a synonym for fragrant wafers and tasty chocolate specialties. From its humble start as a small patisserie in the centre of Bolzano, Loacker has become famous for its high-quality products and artisanal skills.

All Loacker products are the result of a strict selection process when it comes to selecting and processing its fresh and genuine ingredients. Indeed, only the very best vanilla pods, refined cocoa mixes, 100% Italian hazelnuts which are roasted in-house and high-quality milk. All the ingredients are processed in the Loacker productions facilities in a neutral and uncontaminated environment to guarantee the product’s outstanding taste. The genuine provenance of the products is also guaranteed thanks to the company’s philosophy: Loacker never uses food colour additives, preservatives or hydrogenated fats. 

One of Loacker’s latest item to hit the shelves is its chocolate bars, delicious snacks made with fragrant wafers, a tasty cream and refined milk chocolate. Available in the unique flavours of Choco& Milk Cereals, Choco& Coco, Choco& Nuts and the newly-created Choco& White.


Loacker’s product range is able to satisfy one and all. Even our heroes will taste the Choco& series surrounded by the Dolomites, just a stone’s throw away from where they were produced, and recharge their energies, ready for the colossal challenge that lies ahead!

The variety of Choco& satisfies every taste. For the fans of milk chocolate and cereals there is Choco& Milk Cereals: three layers of milk cream and crunchy wafer covered by a thin layer of milk chocolate. Choco& Coco is the perfect solution if you love an exotic moment of sublime pleasure: a unique coconut cream that will melt on your tongue and a fresh shower of real coconut flakes covered by delicious milk chocolate. Choco& Nuts embodies a moment of real perfection: a thin layer of chocolate cream and crunchy pieces of roasted hazelnuts nestled between crispy wafers, all wrapped in the finest milk chocolate. Choco& White is the newest addition to the variety of Choco&. Its inimitable taste is an explosion of pure white chocolate, which surrounds the light and crispy wafers in a flow of delicious milky cream, enhanced by the extraordinary taste of the 100% Italian hazelnuts roasted on site in the Dolomites. An inimitable delight which is going to surprise you!


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