per diventare eroi della hero südtirol dolomites

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Presented by Generali

Generali Italia, the Generali Group's insurance company, is the market leader with the largest and most diversified distribution network in Italy. It offers over 10 million customers, including individuals, families and businesses, life, non-life and pension insurance solutions tailored to the needs of the insured. A company that has always been at the side of people, needs to be a partner in a competition where attention to safety and security is a fundamental requirement. And from May 15 you can also participate in "Immagina, Supera", a competition that offers a special prize dedicated to mountain bike enthusiasts. Join with us to realise bigger and bigger projects.

  • RACE

1. Study well the uphills and enjoy the downhills

Your HERO route is demanding from the first to the last metre. The race starts with a really long uphill stretch, an uphill which has no flat parts for you to regain your breath, and therefore needs to be biked in a calm and progressive manner. If you are not a natural ‘climber’ then it will be necessary to conserve as much energy as possible, above all in the first part of the race and before tackling the Ornella uphill. Favour gear changes which give you a certainly agility and avoid over-forcing yourself. If we are saying that the uphills are long and ripid, well it also has to be said that the downhills are equally demanding. There are some parts over which you can go fast and enjoy yourself but generally it is your bike technique which will make the difference to the outcome. My advice? Do lots of exercise focusing on equilibrium and core stability.

2. Dedicate attention to technique

A good biking technique guarantees greater safety and helps you save energy. Biking downhill, brake only when necessary and never block the tyres completely, keep a well-balanced position and relax your shoulder and chest muscles. Remember that tension uses up energy. And a word on your eyes! The tendency is to focus on the front wheel, whereas your focus should be on a sport 4/5 metres ahead of you. Try it for yourself and you will see that you cover ground in a safer and faster way. One final word of warning – never try to brake if you are going over wet roots, as if you do so you will be on the ground in next to no time.

3. Enjoy the race

One of the most sensible pieces of advice I can give is to of course try your best but also to enjoy every single part of the race. Very often are race expectations very high, and when the emotional value is higher than the result which can be achieved the consequence and risk is a sense of delusion. The HERO is a great challenge but should be seen as part of a wonderful weekend in general, and facing the race in this serene manner will certainly contribute to you achieving a better result.


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